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Herpes Facts

Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, affecting over 45 million Americans

Nearly 60% of people who have the virus do not show signs of herpes nor do they know that they even have the disease.

There is no cure for herpes, but it is treatable. With proper treatment sufferers can lead comfortable, normal lives.

Oral & Genital Herpes Treatment

There are a variety of herpes treatment options available, from prescription medications to natural remedies to dietary changes. When it comes to controlling your outbreaks, it's a matter of deciding which option works best for you.

The most common herpes treatment protocols are antiviral drugs which can reduce the severity and length of flare-ups. Some of the more popular of these prescription drugs are Valtrex, Famvir and Zovirax.

Although pharmaceutical genital herpes treatment can be effective, there are often side effects to contend with such as hypertension, allergic reactions, psychosis, eye problems and seizures. As such, more and more people are opting for some of the newest herpes treatments, natural remedies such as Dynamiclear and other alternative solutions.

There are various topical and oral solutions that can be helpful in easing the symptoms of herpes flare-ups. Zinc, sulfur, lysine, Vitamin C, E and B and various anti-viral herbs such as olive leaf and echinacea can be found in many over the counter herpes treatments.

In addition to prescription and non-prescription options, you can also help temper breakouts by incorporating various foods into your diet such as berries, red pepper, melon, garlic, broccoli, green tea and various juices. Although there is no specific herpes diet, these foods have been recommended by many sufferers.

Try to avoid foods with a high arginine content, which has been shown to exacerbate breakouts. Foods high in lysine, however, can be helpful.

Making sure your body has the nutrients it needs is an important element of effective genital herpes treatment, so make sure to eat a nutrient rich, balanced diet. Avoid stress, get plenty of rest and make sure you exercise...the stronger your body is, the better it can fight the virus.

If you have herpes or susupect you might, make sure you consult your doctor right away. He or she will discuss the various conventional antiviral drugs as well as some of the newest herpes treatments, and help you decide what the right course of action is.

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